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Let’s make sure no one ignores their kidneys. Let’s make them too BIG to ignore. We want more people than ever to help us promote the importance of kidneys so we’ve got lots of ways you can get involved. Head here to make your own BIG kidney photo to share on social media. Here’s how else you can help make World Kidney Day BIG this year:

Social media assets

If you want to support World Kidney Day through your social channels, we’ve got everything you need to style your profile. Plus, you’ll find some great kidney facts and our BIG kidney post to share with your followers. Make sure you include #KidneysMatter and #WorldKidneyDay. Download the files here:

Materials to print

Spread the word about how important kidneys are by putting on a World Kidney Day event. You can download these materials to decorate your space and we’ve put in a letterhead document in case you want to send any correspondence about World Kidney Day. Download them here:

Request a support pack

If you’re putting on an event to promote World Kidney Day, make sure you get our support pack. You’ll be sent leaflets that fold out to A3 posters – they have all the key facts and explain how you can reduce your risk of getting kidney disease. Our special WKD kidneys are also in the pack with instructions on how to take some BIG photos at your event. An A5 notebook is included for the event organiser. Fill in our form to request your pack:

What else can you do?

Check out the World Kidney Day map, hosted by the global WKD team, to see what's happening all over the globe. Don't forget to add your event if you're hosting one.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to hear about this year's campaign. Use #KidneysMatter and #WorldKidneyDay so we can find your posts and photos.

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